Adam Shannon

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Changing Landscape and Opportunity for Insulated Panel Systems In the new world of Complete Compliance, New Regulatory Frameworks and Updated Building Codes.

The impacts of global and local events in particular the cladding fires, has introduced an increase of building and product compliance. This impact is not only affecting the cladding market, but all products and building types. 

The presentation will cover the following areas in regards to Insulated Panel buildings and in particular Cold Storage.

  • Building Codes - NCC

  • Insurance Approvals – FM 4880, 4881 and 4882

  • IPCA – reduce risk, build it better, and register your compliance

  • Engineering - What we built 20 years ago… is very different to what we build today, and what we intend to build tomorrow

  • Opinions vs AS/NZ Standards (Actual AS testing)

  • Expectations of Building Surveyors/certifiers

  • The Chain of responsibility – Owner, Developer, Designer, Builder, Product manufacturer, Product installer…. Insurer


  • Adam Shannon is the Group General Manager of Marketing, Product and Systems Development at ASKIN Performance Panels & Bondor New Zealand.

  • With over 25 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, Adam has implemented significant change with the introduction and management of the Group Technical, Advanced Product Development, Specification, Design, Drafting and testing teams.

  • Such a diverse role, working the front end of the ASKIN business, and directly with major Building and Industry Influencers - Adam is continuous learner and Innovative thinker, who’s practical and hands on experiences provide a wealth of knowledge and technical insight into the current build environment.

  • With a family history entrenched in Construction & Insulated Panels, Adam also spends much of his time educating and knowledge sharing, having worked as a former director of IPCA in the implementation of the Code of Practice, he has also worked on sub-committees designing new tertiary programs for installation of panels and modular building systems.