Allen Mitchell

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The IPCA Code of Practice; Building Safer.

In recent times, Industrial Special Risk (ISR) premiums have skyrocketed. The concern with the increases is not just the sheer magnitude but the lack of transparency, communication and clear rationale behind them.

To address this and other industry related topics, Allen Mitchell from the Insulated Panel Council of

Australasia (IPCA) will update us at the upcoming RWTA Conference and Exhibition at Hamilton Island. Allen is the CEO of the Insulated Panel Council of Australasia. He has worked

Internationally in the manufacturing sector for 30 years and in the Insulated Panel Industry for the last 7. Having worked in all sizes of businesses and in numerous senior management

positions, Allen is well placed to present on the objectives of the IPCA Code of Practice and issues that the industry faces. Allen will present information on and the outcomes of this CoP, it’s results, what it will do for the Industry and the benefits to stakeholders.

Allen will cover off on the benefits and reasons for Retro fitting existing buildings

and how it will effect your business. IPCA is a not-for-profit Industry body for Manufacturers, Installers and Distributors of Insulated Sandwich Panel products.

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