Craig Bowyer

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The RWTA is excited to announce that Craig Bowyer, Managing Director of Global Cold Consulting Pty Ltd will be our Master Of Ceremonies for the upcoming 78th RWTA National Conference and Exhibition. Craig is well known in the Temperature Controlled Industry within Asia Pacific as he has had extensive experience in the perishable supply chain industry, having commenced with Swire Australia in 1978 and enjoying a career spanning some 40 years with the Group.

During this time, Craig has worked in a number of locations throughout Australia, China and Asia, across a broad range of perishable supply chain Industry sectors.

The opportunity to build a ‘World’s Best Standard” cold chain network in China whilst simultaneously supporting the development of Swire operations in Vietnam and Sri Lanka has meant a great deal to Craig in leading change in these industry segments to provide safer food to their communities.

Craig continues to be passionate about providing safer food to the communities with whom he engages to reduce food wastage whilst driving safe and sustainable cultures.

Continuing to provide expert cold supply chain insights and leadership to a range of companies operating in the Asia Pacific region, more recently through his company GCC, Craig supports both local and international companies seeking to drive change in their regions, including investment opportunities to specific clients.

Excited and honoured to have you on Board, thank you Craig for again being part of the RWTA and our upcoming Annual Event!

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